How TMP and The AA turned employer branding into live entertainment.

Ready for anything?

This is The AA’s employer value proposition, and it’s a bold one. Our goal? Bring it to life in a way that had never been done before. We didn’t want The AA to just talk about their EVP. We want them to show it to the world.

Only the brave

So we recruited 6 courageous AA employees.

And gave them a celebrity team leader: former-SBS soldier and all-round TV force of nature, Ant Middleton.

special force

no holds barred

Over 24 hours, he pushed our crew to their very limits.

values front and centre

They were marked not just for completing each challenge but for how they used The AA values to do so.

People power

And the public really got into the adventure – voting, commenting and supporting live on social media.

over the line

Our team were all brilliant – storming the finish line in great style. Ready for anything? Too right.


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